Twittering Away My Blogging Time

I have been using Twitter for Identity Theory (@identitytheory) and Fluency (@FluencyBTV), which is taking up the time I’d have otherwise spent on this blog.

Usability is really important to creating web content, and Twitter’s interface for creating content is about as easy as it gets. No worries about formatting whatsoever, and brevity is encouraged. Therefore, it’s much easier for me to send a tweet than post to this blog.

Also, there’s not as much performance anxiety involved in tweeting as there is in writing a blog post. Blog posts require planning and editing and also need to have a clear purpose, whereas tweets can (and should) be incredibly simple.

Finally, tweets can get immediate feedback and form conversations easier than blog posts can (especially blogs as obscure as this one).

So, it’s easy to understand why I’ve been “twittering away my blogging time,” but I still plan on ramping up my blog-post production with more meaningful and developed writing in the very near future.

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