New Alix Ohlin Interview in 2021 Identity Theory Relaunch

Cover of Alix Ohlin short story collection We Want What We Want
Cover of Alix Ohlin’s new short story collection We Want What We Want

This week I posted a new interview with Canadian/American author Alix Ohlin as part of the relaunch of Identity Theory, the literary website I founded 21 years ago.

Ohlin, the author of six books–including most recently the short story collection We Want What We Want–said this about her development as a writer:

“Writing is always going to be hard for me, because my work always falls short of my ambitions for it. I’m as riven by self-doubt as I ever was. But over time, maybe, I’ve grown to accept this as part of the process. I’ve tried to shift my attention to a sense of gratitude and humility towards the work I get to do rather than to focus on its inevitable failures.

“As a result, I’m a bit more easy-going in some ways, a bit more playful and able to assume what feel like risks. I’m more willing to plunge into a draft and see where it takes me. I never want writing to feel dutiful, or mechanical, and my writing process is pretty organic and true to who I am.”

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