My Kato Kaelin Commercial Appearance

About six years ago, I made a hideously ugly mock “fan” website about Kato Kaelin called “Can I Get a Witness?”

The page featured several banal quotes from O.J.’s famous houseguest as well as a “Kato vs. Plato” section.

I putĀ it on an ad-laden free-host service and did not place my name or email on the site, and then I pretty much completely forgot about it for several years.

Due to my natural prowess at search-engine optimization, the site became a top-five result for “Kato Kaelin” on just about every major search engine.

A couple of years ago, did the above commercial featuring Kato Kaelin, and as you can see, the title of my “Can I Get a Witness?” site played a prominent role as a front-page result for the pseudo-celebrity’s name.

Put that in your 25 random things and smoke it.

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