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Switched to WordPress Default Theme

I switched this blog to the default Twenty Eleven theme. Reasons include: 1. I want to update this blog more often. 2. I developed ill will toward the old design. 3. I want to learn how to expand and

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International Institute of New England Launches New Website

The International Institute of New England is a Boston-based nonprofit helping refugees and immigrants become active participants in the social, political, and economic richness of American life. (In addition to Boston, they work on Lowell, MA and Manchester, NH—hence the

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How to Move a WordPress Install to your Website Root from a Subdirectory

Last night, I had to move a WordPress blog from a sub-folder to the website root. It was incredibly easy, in theory: 1. Before doing anything else, I changed both the website address (URI) and WordPress blog address under the

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New WordPress Theme Coming Soon

I hope to finally get a custom look going for this site within the next week or two, despite being swamped with other web work this month. The plan is to create a WordPress “child theme” based on an open-source

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"Still Untitled" is the blog of Matt Borondy, a Las Vegas-based web developer who edits the online lit/culture magazine Identity Theory and helps organizations (mostly nonprofits) lead better digital lives.

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