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September 11th Memorial Cow

This is a real thing that somebody made for a contest. A September 11th…cow. I encountered it at Young’s Jersey Dairy in Yellow Springs during my last trip to Ohio in 2004. The memorable piece of fine art came up

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Burlington, Vermont’s Newest Water Slide

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5 More Reasons to Move to Scenic Burlington, Vermont

If you saw my deceptive tour of Burlington, Vermont, you might be considering a move to our fair city. Here are five more reasons to pack up the family and head for the fabled shores of Lake Champlain. 1. In

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Burlington, Vermont: A Deceptive Tour Guide

Lovely Burlington, Vermont, located on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain, is a great place for the whole family to visit. Spend a few days, and you may even want to move here. After all, there’s ample parking everywhere:

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Mallards on Lake Champlain

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