Burlington, Vermont’s Newest Water Slide

Flooded childrens slide on playground near Lake Champlain

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5 More Reasons to Move to Scenic Burlington, Vermont

If you saw my deceptive tour of Burlington, Vermont, you might be considering a move to our fair city. Here are five more reasons to pack up the family and head for the fabled shores of Lake Champlain.

1. In Burlington, we are redefining parenting one playground at a time.

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Burlington, Vermont: A Deceptive Tour Guide

Lovely Burlington, Vermont, located on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain, is a great place for the whole family to visit. Spend a few days, and you may even want to move here.

After all, there’s ample parking everywhere:

Porsche in Flooded Parking Lot

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Mallards on Lake Champlain

Mallards on Lake Champlain Burlington Vermont

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International Institute of New England Launches New Website

International Institute of New England logo
The International Institute of New England is a Boston-based nonprofit helping refugees and immigrants become active participants in the social, political, and economic richness of American life. (In addition to Boston, they work on Lowell, MA and Manchester, NH—hence the “New England.”)

They recently changed their name from the International Institute of Boston and wanted to alter their long-outdated web presence to coincide with the new moniker.

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Coffee of the Week: Fair Trade Rwandan COOPAC from Barista’s Beans

The Kivu region of Rwanda

Rwanda's Kivu region produces great-tasting coffee

I try a different coffee pretty much every week. This week I had my first taste of Rwanda, in the form of Rwandan COOPAC from local micro-roaster Barista’s Beans (of Hyde Park, Vermont).

This coffee is uniquely flavored with honey, peach and citrus, and most importantly, it comes from a fair-trade cooperative of Rwandan coffee growers (COOPAC, founded in 2001). Their website explains how these premium beans got from the war-torn country to my local market:

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Uncommon Photos

Kristi looks at her photos

Some of Kristi’s photos are on display this month at Uncommon Grounds on Church Street in Burlington. (That’s Burlington, Vermont, for those of you just joining us.)

You might be wondering: Who is this Kristi? Does she have a website where you can view more of her little black-and-white masterpieces? Why isn’t she looking at the camera?

Well, I could answer all those questions for you, but why ruin the fun?

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Here’s to Old Friends: Cleveland Strikes Back at LeBron, George W. Bush Writes a Crime Novel

We were all witnesses: Above, jilted Cleveland basketball fans respond to the Nike LeBron ad. (via Kottke)

Change your Decision Points: Facebook group suggests we subversively move George W. Bush’s new memoir to the “crime” section. (via The Rumpus)

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