Here’s to Old Friends: Cleveland Strikes Back at LeBron, George W. Bush Writes a Crime Novel

We were all witnesses: Above, jilted Cleveland basketball fans respond to the Nike LeBron ad. (via Kottke)

Change your Decision Points: Facebook group suggests we subversively move George W. Bush’s new memoir to the “crime” section. (via The Rumpus)

Give him another year of college eligibility: Former Gator star QB Tim Tebow is writing an inspirational memoir from the Denver Broncos bench. (via Galleycat)

The “Best Invention of 2010” that was actually invented in 2005: Kickstarter is given props by Time magazine despite being pretty much a total ripoff of Fundable. (via the fact that I was roommates with the founders of Fundable in the mid-’00s)

Hamburgers are so five years ago: New York Magazine explains why Vegetables are the New Meat. (via your local organic garden, hopefully)

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