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On the Institute of Social and Economic Development Website Redesign Project

Fluency Integrated Consulting has completed the first phase of a website redesign for the Institute of Social and Economic Development (ISED), a D.C.-based organization that works on sustainable economic development projects throughout the globe. ISED’s old site, built using ColdFusion,

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Twittering Away My Blogging Time

I have been using Twitter for Identity Theory (@identitytheory) and Fluency (@FluencyBTV), which is taking up the time I’d have otherwise spent on this blog. Usability is really important to creating web content, and Twitter’s interface for creating content is

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My Kato Kaelin Commercial Appearance

About six years ago, I made a hideously ugly mock “fan” website about Kato Kaelin called “Can I Get a Witness?” The page featured several banal quotes from O.J.’s famous houseguest as well as a “Kato vs. Plato” section.

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5 Intensely Helpful Web Design Resources

I’m working on gradually upgrading the look and functionality of Identity Theory as well as this blog and some other projects, so I’ve been reading a lot more articles on web design lately. The following posts and/or resources have proven

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