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Here’s to Old Friends: Cleveland Strikes Back at LeBron, George W. Bush Writes a Crime Novel

We were all witnesses: Above, jilted Cleveland basketball fans respond to the Nike LeBron ad. (via Kottke) Change your Decision Points: Facebook group suggests we subversively move George W. Bush’s new memoir to the “crime” section. (via The Rumpus)

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My Kato Kaelin Commercial Appearance

About six years ago, I made a hideously ugly mock “fan” website about Kato Kaelin called “Can I Get a Witness?” The page featured several banal quotes from O.J.’s famous houseguest as well as a “Kato vs. Plato” section.

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VIDEO: Bill Hicks on Letterman

David Letterman tried to ease his conscience the other night by airing this clip of comedian Bill Hicks that Letterman cut from his show about 15 years ago.

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