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September 11th Memorial Cow

This is a real thing that somebody made for a contest. A September 11th…cow. I encountered it at Young’s Jersey Dairy in Yellow Springs during my last trip to Ohio in 2004. The memorable piece of fine art came up

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Kerouac and Buddha: Compassion is Not Enough

You probably know the legend of Buddha. Princely Asian questioner-of-existence sits under a tree for like 8 years, exercises extreme mental focus and physical discipline, works out the problems of the world in his mind, then tells everyone who will

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Highlow Project Depicts Vermont At-Risk Youth in Transition

“Photographer Ned Castle collaborated with youth living in difficult circumstances across Vermont to re-enact high and low moments from their lives. The resulting large-scale photographs depict elaborate re-creations of these situations. Audio narrations by the participants provide context for the

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Quote from (the original) “Wall Street”

“Man looks in the abyss, there’s nothing staring back at him. At that moment, man finds his character. And that is what keeps him out of the abyss.” More Wall Street quotes

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State of the Media 09-09-09

I am watching the President of the United States give a speech to Congress on the LA Times website. I am watching a live video speech by a bi-racial leader of the free world on the website of a newspaper

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Good Fences Make Good Blog Posts, or “Obama and the Age of Anger Fatigue”

As much as I’d like to be freezing in Chicago with the literati right now, I’m instead shockingly not freezing in Burlington, where a spring-like, mid-February rain gave me a free winter carwash this afternoon. Coming up with ideas to

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VIDEO: Bill Hicks on Letterman

David Letterman tried to ease his conscience the other night by airing this clip of comedian Bill Hicks that Letterman cut from his show about 15 years ago.

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Recession? I Call it a Vow of Poverty

During the Presidential election cycle, you heard Barack Obama say it at least a few dozen times: “We’re facing the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.” The Dow Jones Industrial Average, the housing market, and recent unemployment figures provide

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