5 More Reasons to Move to Scenic Burlington, Vermont

If you saw my deceptive tour of Burlington, Vermont, you might be considering a move to our fair city. Here are five more reasons to pack up the family and head for the fabled shores of Lake Champlain.

1. In Burlington, we are redefining parenting one playground at a time.

2. Our handicap spaces are conveniently located throughout the city to provide easy access for disabled residents.

Handicap spaces underwater

3. Phone booths: here in Vermont, they’re not just for humans. Even dogs can join the fun — if they can swim to them.

dog by phone booth

4. We are pioneering “interactive” lakeside benches, where the lake comes to you in 3-D!

Benches underwater

5. The picnics are swimmingly intense! You can go fishing for lunch without needing a rod. (But please don’t feed the ducks.)

Picnic table underwater on Lake Champlain

As you can see, few towns in New England — and indeed the lower-48 states — can compete with Burlington’s charm, innovation, and exclusive dining options. Plan your family vacation today!

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